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Agile Architecture

A flexible, dependable and innovative way to develop software products.

If you need to develop custom software for your business, then Agile Architecture is your "New Tomorrow".

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Transform the way you look at software development

Agile Architecture has taken 16 years to perfect.

But what is it?

Agile Architecture is a structured software design process that uses workshops, design sprints, blue-sky thinking, prototypes, testing and iteration to bring creativity, inclusion and progress to your project.


But more than that, it defines the design, technology and information blueprints for the project that can be tested early and lays out the product roadmap for your MVP and beyond.

Delve deeper into the world of Agile Architecture 

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What does Agile Architecture mean for you?


Lower Risk

Over 70% of software projects fail. Make sure yours is one of the 30%. Agile Architecture uses a process of workshops, testing and iteration to make sure the build phase goes smoothly. 


More Innovation

Don't settle for second best. Use Agile Architecture to utilise blue-sky thinking, creative workshops and Newicon's Innovation Kit to design the ideal solution for your unique needs.  


Ultimate Understanding

Agile Architecture is designed to give you true clarity on the needs of your users, your customers and your business, as well as your project requirements. 

The Agile Architecture Process

A tried-and-tested, innovative new approach to software development


1. Explore

Putting you on a path to innovation
Exploration is how Agile Architecture begins. The process includes: 
  -  Innovation Kit Workshops
   - Blue-Sky Thinking 
   - Research and Analysis

We use these tools (and more) to understand your requirements, your business, your customers and your users. 

2. Create

Visual prototypes solve your challenges
The create phase focuses teams, stakeholders, customers and users on the mission. How? 
   - Design Sprints
   - UX Wireframe Prototypes
   - UI Design Prototypes
If your project were a movie, the Create phase is where we would create the trailer. 

3. Expand

Refine and iterate
Here's where we really dig into the detail. If the Create phase was the trailer, this is where we produce the rest of the movie and get the project to a point where development can start. 
   - Gain feedback on the project so far
   - Amend, upgrade and expand what we have
   - Design the rest of the software
At the end of phase 3, we'll have realigned the project with its goals and vision (if necessary), and have a finished design, ready to go.  

4. Refine

Assess, plan and outline development releases
We're at the end of the beginning. The design of your solution is almost finished. It just needs refining. The outputs of the refine stage are:
   - A release plan (product roadmap)
   - Visual features backlog
   - Restructured prototypes
Once this stage has finished it's time to start the build sprints. 

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